Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

I went through a bit of a peanut butter phase recently. I am not sure why. I was gripped by a mania and wanted to roast / peel / shell all types of nuts and whizz them in my magimix, adjust the oil contents, play with salts, and see what I got. It was a lot of fun and made for great toast at breakfast.

There was plain peanut butter which was a joy, pistachio and almond butter a disturbing green but really delicious and my favourite of all an oozing chocolate peanut butter.

Roasted peanuts

Getting this right was quite the task. I wanted chocolate in there but getting the consistency right was difficult. I wanted the butter to drip indecently off the end of my knife. I wanted it to taste of peanut and chocolate in equal measure and to have a flavour so big that it would bounce off my slice of toast. After several versions, I found out that the best result was not with chocolate but with a good cocoa powder, giving it a richness and depth without actually affecting the texture much at all.

Making homemade nut butter is incredibly easy. All you do is shell them (if required), lightly roast them, blitz them for up to five minutes until the oils come out and they form a paste. The add enough groundnut oil or similar – if required at all – to get it to the consistency that you desire.

If you want it chunky, blitz some more nuts separately, until you get the size you want, and add it to your paste. It is really fun to play around with different nut combinations to get something new and striking all of your own too.

Simple really isn’t it? Really delicious too. Plus you can console yourself that it doesn’t have lots of crap in it, like lots do in the shops.

Note on the recipe: This really is easiest with a fierce food processor like a magimix, but to test I also did this in a blender (as per the pic). If using a blender you will need to occasionally manually push the ingredients back down with a spatula and it may take a little longer – depends on your blender really.

Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter


200g peanuts (with skin on and no shell)
1 tsp salt
100ml groundnut oil
125g cocoa (I used Green & Blacks, widely available in supermarkets)
50g icing sugar

sterilised jar or glass to store


Roast the peanuts in their skins spread out on a large roasting tray on greaseproof paper at 180 deg C for about 10 minutes until starting to darken.

Allow to cool then remove the skins. The quickest way to do this is to rub them in a clean tea towel until the skins come off and then remove them by spinning them in a salad spinner or by using a small fan to blow the skins into a rubbish bag (tips from twitter followers!). You can do it manually too but it is slow.

Whizz them in a magimix or blender for approx 5 minutes until you get a paste.

Add the other ingredients and whizz again.

Taste and adjust if necessary. Store in a sterilized jar or glass.



Written by Niamh
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