Recipe from Argentina: Rabbit Empanadas

Rabbit Empanadas at the Fierro Hotel, Buenos Aires

Rabbit Empanadas! I loved them. You loved the idea of them. I couldn’t just sit there and scoff them while tweeting the pictures then blogging about it so you could covet them, now could I? Well, I could but I didn’t think that fair. So, I asked the chef at Fierro Hotel – Hernán Gipponi – if he wouldn’t mind sharing, and very generously he did, and in English too. Thanks so much Hernán.

I read the recipe and thought, but of course! Rabbit confit, that explains why they were so rich and delicious. The wonton wrappers give a crisp, light and delicious shell. And the piquant little bites of apple, the sweet onion and the crunch of the pecan nuts. Well, I have to stop typing as I now want to order them again.

Make them, do! They’re gorgeous.

Rabbit Empanadas Recipe

1 Rabbit (clean, about 2kg)
rosemary (to taste)
garlic (to taste)
Olive Oil (enough to cover the rabbit)

2 Granny smith apple
2 onions, finely diced
50 grs pecan nuts

Wonton dough (8cm x 8cm)

1 egg (beaten)

Preheat the oven to 90 C. In a deep oven tray place the rabbit, crushed garlic and rosemary. Cover with plenty of olive oil. Confit for 45 minutes per kg of rabbit (about 90 minutes for a 2kg rabbit).

Clean the rabbit and shred the meat (taking care of not leaving any bones)

Saute the onions in a little olive oil. In a bowl mix the shredded rabbit meat with the apples, onions and pecan nuts (all finely chopped).  Season to taste with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Place the mix with a spoon in a wonton dough square and paint the edges with egg. Fold in the middle forming a pocket and squeeze tightly so the empanadas won’t open while cooking.

Deep fry or bake the empanadas until golden brown.

Serve with a sweet & sour sauce dip of your choice. (we use a Hoisin / Worcestershire mix)

This makes about 60 empanadas, that can be kept in the freezer.



Written by Niamh
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