Saltimbocca Alla Romana, Brunch Style

Isn’t everything better with an egg? Most things, anyway. An egg is an instant easy sauce. That rich yolk, which must be runny, and a variety of things to go with it, some of which must be crisp and dippable. And a runny egg yolk is the perfect thing to have with some lovely saltimbocca. One of the farmers at my local farmers market sells terrific meat. The prices are excellent, the minced meats have plenty of fat (and therefore lots of flavour and moisture) and there are always interesting cuts. He also always has veal, minced and in thin escalopes. Saltimbocca alla Romana had been on my mind, and when reminded of it via an instagram post from the wonderful Rachel Roddy, I decided that it had to be done. Saltimbocca is one of those lovely trinities: veal, fresh sage and cured ham. I felt it would be perfection for brunch with an egg (and I was right). It is sometimes dusted with flour before cooking, and often fried in butter. This starts a sauce and coats the veal, which is then finished with a gorgeous swirl of marsala. This time I didn’t use any flour (in a post on satimbocca on Rachel’s blog she had said that her friend did not use flour), I fried the saltimbocca in oil instead and I finished the dish with madeira instead of marsala, as it is what I had. The results were terrific, the dish was both light and rich and perfection on a slice of crisp toast, drizzled with the sauce and topped with a runny egg. I can never get enough sage so I crisped some in oil to serve on top as well as within the saltimbocca.  Another great thing is just how speedy this is too, it tastes of more time and longer cooking. Perfect for your Easter bank holiday weekend? I think so!  The recipe follows below.  Other brunch recipes on Eat Like a Girl Brunch: Gojuchang Beef Meatballs, Tortillas, Egg ‘Nduja Ragu with Eggs for a Perfect Brunch [Recipe] A Big Brunch and a Recipe for Louisiana Crab Cakes with Poached Eggs & Tabasco Hollandaise (In Partnership with Tabasco┬« Brand Pepper Sauce) A Quick Recipe for a Glorious Brunch: Turkish Eggs A Fine Brunch: Homemade Soda Farls, Morcilla & Eggs Print Saltimbocca Alla Romana, Brunch Style Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 3 ratings Ingredients *per person veal escalope, about the size of your toast 1 slice of parma ham, enough to cover the veal 2 sage leaves (as large as is on your bunch of sage) plus extra for serving fresh ground pepper madeira or marsala, about half a glass one slice of good bread one egg butter or neutral oil like rapeseed for frying Instructions If your veal isn’t thin, place some cling film over it and bash it with a meat tenderiser or a rolling pin, until thin and uniform. Season with the pepper (the ham is salted and this should be enough salt) on both sides. Place the sage leaves on the veal, then lay the ham on top and press it down. Now it is time to cook the saltimbocca, while it is cooking, find time to make your toast and fry your egg. Crisp your extra sage leaves in the oil that you will fry the egg in before you add the egg, just add them to hot oil or butter for about 30 seconds, they will crisp quickly. Heat a knob of butter or a tablespoon of oil and fry the saltimbocca for a couple of minutes on each side over a medium hear, finishing ham side up. Add the madeira or marsala and let it reduce (which it will do quickly) using a spoon to baste the saltimbocca with the wine as it does. When the wine is reduced by half it is ready. Serve the saltimbocca on the toast with the madeira / marsala reduction with the egg and crisp sage on top. 4.14 Copyright: Eat Like a Girl   Comments comments