Samphire Tabbouleh

Following on from yesterdays post -Wild salmon with samphire, broad bean & tomato salad and crisp sauté new potatoes, I have another samphire post. This one is vegetarian and is based on the salad recipe from yesterdays post. I was looking at the 100g of samphire that I had left and wondering what I could do with it that would be tasty and suitable for lunch the next day. A quick fumble in the cupboard revealed a forgotten bag of organic bulgur. Bulgur is very healthy, it’s more nutritious than rice or cous cous so I always have a bag to hand next to the quinoa. There’s lots of forgotten random bits in my cupboards, it’s like a bunker in there! I have promised myself that I will empty them over the coming months and base my recipes on what’s in there so it should be interesting.

For the samphire, I decided on a chunky samphire tabbouleh. I love tabbouleh, it’s so light and fragrant but can take really robust flavours. I decided that I would use the samphire in place of the herbs and rather than finely chopping the tomatoes, leave them in quarters as the tomatoes I have at the moment deserve prominence in this dish. This is very quick (except for double podding the broad beans but you could probably substitute with peas if you’re in a rush). The bulgur that I used was the medium type but you could use fine if you have it. My favourite tabboulehs are ones that have only the smallest amount of bulgur and are mainly green, like a lebanese tabbouleh, so I was aiming to recreate this. This one was new so there was a little bit of trial and error in the proportions.

Here’s the recipe:


100g samphire, washed and picked through to remove woody bits
50g bulgur, rinsed
a handful of tomatoes, quartered
a handful of double podded broad beans
1 small cucumber (I used a lebanese one)
fresh lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil


Cover the bulgur with boiling water and cover the bowl/pot with a tea towel.
Leave for 10-15 minutes until the bulgur has absorbed the water.
Halve the cucumber and scoop out the sides. Finely slice.
Having ensured your samphire is stripped of woody & bad bits blanch in boiling water for a couple of minutes, drain and refresh with iced water to arrest cooking.
Do the same with the broad beans until they’re done, about the same amount of time, maybe a little more.
Mix the bulgur, cucumber, samphire & tomatoes. Dress with the lemon juice & olive oil & season to taste.

I played around with this a bit and it loooks very nice (& is tasty!) in a cucumber half. Could be a pretty amuse bouche/canapé at a party.

Cucumber stuffed with samphire tabbouleh



Written by Niamh
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