Sesame Crusted Tuna Fish Fingers

This is so simple that it hardly demands a recipe, but it is so tasty I feel compelled to share. I bought a big wodge of tuna to make my recent Tuna Tartare with Blood Orange & Radicchio and I had some leftover which I needed to use. It was a particularly excellent piece of sushi grade tuna and whatever I did with it would be good. I thought about just frying it, but I wanted more, and so my mind wandered back to some almond crusted tuna that I had years back in a restaurant in Sicily, and I wondered how a covering of sesame seeds would work instead. I love their flavour and their nutty texture.  I love fish fingers, which is a funny thing as I remember distinctly deciding that I hated them and would never eat them again when I was about 3 or 4 in my aunts house. That would start a childhood of freakish food habits. There were foods that I loved (potato, beans, eggs, rhubarb, apples, gooseberries, CRISPS!) and everything else was pretty much rejected. I would starve myself and spent hours at my grandmothers table watching my cousins and siblings playing outside. I was not allowed to move until I ate my meal, which I never would. I am stubborn, and it has served me well.  I have come back around to the fish finger now, especially made at home with hake or halibut or the posher ones from the supermarket on rare occasion. I have even embraced the fish finger sandwich slathered with peas and mint and a slick of mayo. I think this must be an English thing as I never came across it until I moved here (Irish readers: am I wrong?!). I figured tuna in a sesame jacket, crisp outside and rare with, might raise my fish finger game a little. It did.  I served mine with a miso mayo, but if you want peas and mint go ahead, and blitz them a little to make a dip. Chilli mayo works well too. Recipes for both mayo recipes are included below.  Other Eat Like a Girl recipes for tuna lovers Almond Crusted Tuna with Chilli Roast Pumpkin, Wilted Lettuce, Tomato & Curry Leaves Cooking in Sabah: Two Healthy Sea Gypsy Recipes (Fish Soup & a Fish Salad) Other tuna recipes you might like to try Tuna Tataki from Just One Cookbook Tuna toasties for a busy Friday night from Cooksister Gorgeous recent blog posts from elsewhere Fish Cakes and Salad. The Sea, The Sea – from The Little Library Cafe, a gorgeous blog penned by Kate sharing recipes inspired by literature.  PEA SOUP WITH PANCETTA AND MINT, JUST LIKE ME… – from the lovely Jul’s Kitchen, a gorgeous Tuscan cooking blog. Print Recipe: Sesame Crusted Tuna Fish Fingers Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 5 ratings Ingredients per person 300g tuna, cut into fish finger size widths (about an inch wide and 3 inches long) 1 egg 100g flour (plain flour or rice flour or similar if you are gluten free) 100g sesame seeds sea salt and black pepper light oil for frying like groundnut or rapeseed – enough to fill the pan you are going to fry in to an inch deep miso mayo 2 tbsp mayo, 1tbsp miso of your choice, 1 tbsp soy sauce Korean chilli mayo 2 tbsp mayo 2 tbsp gojuchang (Korean pepper paste) a squeeze of fresh lime juice optional garnish fresh coriander leaves and edible flowers (I used wild garlic flowers) Instructions Season the flour with sea salt and black pepper. Put the flour, beaten egg and sesame seeds in three different plates. Dust each piece of tuna with flour, then dip it in the egg ensuring it is completely covered, let the excess drip off and then coat in the sesame seeds, pressing them in as you do. Heat your oil until a piece of bread will sizzle in it when you add it, or until it is 180 deg C if you have a thermometer. Fry the tuna fingers, in batches if you are making a lot, ensuring that you raise the temperature of the oil between batches too as the tuna will cool it down. When golden, turn the tuna over gently with a tongs or a fork. Just for a minute each side if you like your tuna rare. When removing them, allow the excess oil to drop off before putting them on several layers of kitchen paper for a couple of minutes to drain any excess that might have remained. Eat immediately with the mayo of your choice. 4.14 Copyright: Eat Like a Girl Comments comments