Some More Photos from Istria (Croatia)

So, here I am immersed in truffles and gorgeous natural wine, and all I want to do is go to bed, because I overindulged SIX HOURS AGO.  Now, that’s a bit excessive isn’t it? A bit? Just a little bit. But it was all very delicious, and I couldn’t resist.

Before I do go lay on the sofa, and try to find something in English on my temporary Croatian tv (don’t judge me, I must, I am exhausted!), I will share a few photos with you here.

Back soon, thinking clearer, I hope!

Very excited truffle hunting dogs

The great hope! Sadly someone had just beaten us to the truffle

Dimitri of Piquentum wines, very good natural wines from Istria, more on those soon

White truffles at a truffle fair! Oh, the smell. Amazing.

Truffle cheese. sheep's cheese and pršut (Croatian cured ham)

Fuzi (Istrian Pasta) with a lorra lorra truffle. SWOON.

Token James Joyce statue pic (this one is in Pula)



Written by Niamh
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