The South Shore Lobster Crawl: A Winter Nova Scotia Lobster Adventure

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Lobster lovers need to make their way immediately to Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Better again, plan to go for the South Shore Lobster Crawl in Winter every year during lobster season when things get serious. Barrington is known as the lobster capital as locals will proudly tell you. There is even a Nova Scotia Lobster Day on the last Friday of every February.

The South Shore Lobster Crawl is an annual celebration which fizzes along the shoreline and celebrates the lobster fishing season. It is a big part of the local culture which isn’t a surprise when you understand that the season in this part of Nova Scotia runs from November to May and the lobster haul from Nova Scotia in general accounts for 40% of the Canadian catch. 

You will quickly discover that the good folks of Nova Scotia are always very serious about lobster. On the South Shore creamed lobster is the dish of choice for Christmas, and locals are obsessed with it, but more on that in a bit!

Eat Your Way Around the Nova Scotia Lobster Trail

Restaurants and bars up and down the South Shore of Nova Scotia from Peggy’s Cove to Barrington dedicate their menus to lobster dishes, from classic to adventurous, but never not delicious. Get your passport for the lobster trail online and visit over 40 restaurants serving lobster in many guises, from classic dinners to poutine to tacos. I would suggest that a lobster poutine is an essential choice along the way. Poutine, if you don’t know it, is a heavenly Canadian combination of crisp hot fries, gravy and cheese curds. With fresh cooked lobster and lobster gravy, it is unmissable!

The Annual Lobster Crawl Roll-Off Competition

The Annual Lobster Crawl Roll-Off Competition crowns the best lobster roll in an annual heavily contested competition, and makes a brilliant road trip checklist for lobster roll lovers. 18 South Shore restaurants competed in 2020 with the favourite 12 selected to compete at the final at White Point Beach Resort. Capt. Kat’s Lobster Shack won for the second year out of just three so far (and it is also an excellent place to enjoy lobster generally, and to try creamed lobster). Admission is free and open to the public. Arrive early to secure your spot, and arrive hungry! You can and should also try the White Point lobster roll entry for lunch before the final. I mean, there is no such thing as too many lobster rolls, right?

Cook Your Own Lobster in Peggy’s Cove

Join Peter at his lobster truck at the Breakwater Inn in Peggy’s Cove and learn to cook lobster under his expert instruction. Enjoy the results at beautiful Peggy’s Cove overlooking the lighthouse and the water. We stayed the night and had a luscious lobster omelette for breakfast which was on as a special for the lobster crawl (so do enquire in advance, and I am sure they can make it).

Enjoy a Lobster Beer

Yes! Lobster beer! Made with real lobsters. Saltbox Brewing’s Crustacean Elation was so good, I had to bring a bottle home. You can try it at their brewery, as I did. Lobster is added twice in the brewing process. Whole lobster is added directly to the mash, then the shells are roasted and added again. A lobster beer boil up! Hell Bay Brewing Company also make a delicious Lobster Ale.

Head Out on a Great Canadian Lobster Fishing Feast

Head out onto the Atlantic Ocean with local lobster fishermen on their 37 foot lobster boat, then bring back your fresh caught lobster to the White Point where the chef will steam it for you and share their tips and tricks for cooking lobster in the process. I absolutely loved heading out on the boat, it is a wonderful experience.

Make your own South Shore Creamed Lobster at Home

Chop enough cooked lobster to fill your frying pan (6-8 lobsters are commonly used, but use a small pan for less!) and cook it gently in plenty of butter. Add vinegar to taste, and cook off, thn season with salt and pepper and finish with cream (enough to cover the lobster). The cream is brought to temperature and then it is ready. It is served with mash or on toast (which soaks up the juices and is especially gorgeous).

Make it a pilgrimage, you won’t regret it. The South Shore Lobster Crawl is a lot of tasty fun.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.