Squid Stuffed with Beef & Chorizo

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I started this post in JULY but life has been so hectic, and it is only now starting to slow down. There has been travel to Ireland, work travel to Austria and then a non-stop return to London. But lots of recipes in the wings and THAT bacon book. Soon soon soon! For now lets talk about squid stuffed with beef and chorizo. 

Land and Sea, Surf and Turf. However you spin this, it is delicious. And it is easy too. I originally made this at a vegan BBQ, and no, I wasn’t trolling them. I have a few vegan friends and I am embracing of all good food, however you label it. And you know how much I love tofu. However, I had permission to cook meat and fish as all except one ate fish, and half ate meat. So I had the meat and fish section.

I love to make one great thing and then do lots of things with it, the beef and chorizo filling for the squid is a perfect example for this. It is super flexible and adaptable. It makes a great kebab, an excellent burger, it can be a meatball. You could serve it in lettuce wraps to keep it light, put it on some fresh bread dough to make a spin on lahmucun, bake it fully encased in bread dough (and this works super well on the BBQ too), but it really comes into its own as a stuffing for some gorgeous squeaky fresh squid.

(And don’t worry, that beef and chorizo stuffed bread roll recipe and the meatball and squid recipe is coming your way soon too!). 

Jump straight to the Squid Stuffed with Beef & Chorizo Recipe. 

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Squid Stuffed with Beef & Chorizo
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Squid Stuffed with Beef & Chorizo


    serves 4
  • 400g minced beef
  • 180g chorizo (cooking chorizo works well here but a good dried one will work too)
  • 3 garlic cloves, peeled
  • Paprika 2 tbsp
  • sea salt for seasoning
  • 4 average squid, cleaned and tentacles removed
  • 2 large beef tomatoes or approx 600g tomatoes, peeled and diced (trust me - peeling is worth the effort!) - out of tomato season us a tin and a half of good quality tomatoes


  • You can do these on the BBQ or in the oven. On the BBQ you get that gorgeous smokiness, but after starting it on the grill directly put it in a heat proof dish with the tomatoes so that the tomatoes mingle with all the gorgeous juices which the squid, beef and chorizo release.
  • A food processor is best here but you can do it by hand. If using the food processor, process the garlic first until fine, then add the chorizo and pulse until it is a paste. Add the paprika and the beef and a little sea salt and pulse until it is smooth. Fry a teaspoon full to check the seasoning and adjust the salt accordingly, if required.
  • If you are doing this by hand, finely chop the garlic and the chorizo, and then knead with the beef as you would bread, paprika and some sea salt until sticky (it will take a few minutes). Adjust the seasoning by tasting as above.
  • Gently stuff each squid until full, squeezing the filling gently so that it reaches the bottom. Rub each squid with some oil (I used a good quality rapeseed oil) and then cook on the BBQ grill directly over a medium heat to get some lovely char marks, then put them in a heatproof dish with the tomatoes and the squid tentacles and cover with foil. Cook for about 25 minutes, turning halfway through and basting the squid with the tomato and juices.
  • If it is not a great day for the BBQ, you can fry these on the hob (I did on a ridged grill to get some nice lines) and finish in the oven in the same way at 180 deg C for about 25 minutes. With both, they should be well cooked through at this stage but do check! It will depend particularly on the heat of your BBQ.
  • Serve hot with a generous sprinkling of fresh coriander leaves.
  • https://eatlikeagirl.com/squid-stuffed-with-beef-chorizo/



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