Sunday Bacon Club

Sunday Bacon Club is a whole heap of fun, full of bacon deliciousness finishing with a bacon brunch. The venue is the very spacious and smart Underground Cookery School. Brilliantly located a 5 minute walk from Old St station, this school is a lovely sociable space with everything we might need to help make bacon even more brilliant. There is a great dining space for brunch too. Finally, they are licensed, and so I can serve you lot wine, while you cook.

For a trial period the classes are priced at £85 and include everything, including drinks (wine, tea, coffee, whatever you like) throughout the class.

The Sunday Bacon Club runs from 11am – 3pm (it is Sunday after all, and I know most brunch fans love a lie in), and will consist of

  • arrival drinks / snacks
  • 3 hour long masterclass with previews of recipes from Project: BACON, and also including some classics from past classes (chipotle bacon jam, maple candied bacon, bacon fudge). The classes are 100% hands on, and you will make everything you make yourself, and from scratch, with support from me and chefs that I hire to support me
  • brunch, glorious bacon brunch, (bacon waffles or pancakes with eggs, greens, etc.) with a bacon bloody mary and wine

If you want to book, you can email me, or you can book via paypal or email me at Christmas present? I can send you a snazzy voucher, just let me know.

There is only one date left!

Sunday Bacon Club – Sunday 6th April – book on paypal now

Reviews of previous classes:

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Terms & Conditions

Ticket dates are not transferable – once you book / commit to a particular date, you are tied to that date, unless there is a serious issue that could not be avoided.  I have had terrible problems with people changing dates multiple times and then cancelling and demanding refunds, which makes these classes a nightmare to run. If you can no longer make the date I can help you find someone to buy it from you.

If the classes don’t sell enough to meet my costs, I reserve the right to cancel the class, with a full refund, at a weeks notice. I am confident that this won’t happen with these classes, but it is best that I say so, just in case.