The Christmas blog post roundup

christmas lunch veg

You’ve seen my traditional Christmas lunch. What did the other food bloggers do? Not everyone has posted yet (cough, Helen, yes I am looking at you ;-), but I thought it might be nice to do a roundup.

Su-Lin, at Tamarind & Thyme, had a porky Christmas, dishing up slow roasted pork belly with fennel, chorizo & potato croquettes and lemon and passion fruit roulade, amongst other wonderful things.

Aidan Brooks had a wonderful Christmas lunch. Thai scallops to start, followed by roast goose with goose-fat roast potatoes, roast carrots, truffled Brussels sprouts, puréed parsnip, stuffing and gravy made from the goose giblets and roasting juices. Followed by Christmas pudding made in October. And yes, they’re his words from a comment he made here. Thanks Aidan! Truffled brussel sprouts sound wonderfully decadent.

Lizzie, over at Hollow Legs, had roast goose and gravadlax. Board games and Guinness too. Sounds perfect!

Fred and Ginger, at Dinner Diary, had roast goose, and made roast goose pie with the leftovers. I’d like some of that pie right now!

Chris, at Cheese & Biscuits, didn’t tell us about his Christmas lunch, but he did tell us about his reservation for El Bulli. Lucky him! I look forward to reading about it. I’m not jealous at all, really. Not even one little bit. Really.



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