The Paralympics and the Victory Parade (then we are back to the food :)


I am blaming my craptop for all delays. It has eaten memory cards which took days to recover – more than a week in fact. I need to upgrade.

On to the Paralympics, which arrived after a little dip when we all wondered, what do we do now that the Olympics were over?

I tried and tried and tried for tickets again. Endlessly hitting the ticketing website, and refusing to lose hope. I was eventually successful and got tickets for the Athletics, Aquatic Center and the Marathon, where we were right by the finish line. Amazing.

I am not sure that I have ever witnessed such a series of moments of joy as people succeeded. The Iraqi paralympian who cartwheeled his way from his javelin throw after beating his personal best, the blind runner who was twirled on the podium by her guide as she accepted her medal, watching Shelly Woods get silver next to her nervous anxious mother who was so relieved and delighted to see her get it, seeing David Weir get gold in his marathon race from just a few feet away, and it was so very close. Truly wonderful.

I watched the Paralympics closing ceremony in Trafalgar Square on the big screens, a little too much Coldplay – ok A LOT – and why all the big US stars? A great spectacle none the less. Endlessly creative and inspiring.

Then to London the next day for the victory parade, where over a million people lined the streets cheering the athletes. It was at least 25 deep where I was but all were cheery. What a wonderful time to be in London.

Some photo highlights and a huge round of applause to all involved in delivering these amazing games, and also to the wonderful athletes.

Clearly loving it

Lots of live entertainment at the park and people clapping and dancing to it

Paralympics Athletics

Aquatic Center where the roof was almost raised with the sound of cheering when the GB silver relay team got that silver. I could really see that the crowd powered that last swimmer, she was amazing.

A line of police and gamesmakers high fiving everyone as they left

Dancing and merriment at the Olympic Park as the crowd spilled out

Waiting for the Victory Ceremony

So many people and lots of gamesmakers watching at Trafalgar Square – amazing atmosphere

Every elevated spot was taken – bus shelters, phone boxes, walls

… and then the athletes came and everyone went crazy



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.