Turning Point: Food Blogging is Bad for your Figure

Inside cover of Comfort & Spice - WAKE UP CALL - when I realised just how much all this food blogging had destroyed my figure

(er – I blame tiredness and jet lag for this post! I have been up since 2.30 am rattling around you see. Not a topic I usually discuss, but it seemed fitting)

I never had a problem with my weight. As a child, if anything I was too thin, and this was a theme that carried into my mid twenties. I was always active, running around, walking everywhere, going out a lot dancing. I could eat whatever I liked, and lots of it. I never could understand why people worried about what they ate.

As I gathered photos for the inside cover of my book last year, I noticed the dramatic shift in body shape from when I started blogging. I started at a relatively slender 10 – 12, to now, where I gaze at my gorgeous vintage dresses knowing that I can’t fit into any of them. My wardrobe became a temporary fix filled with emergency dresses, a sea of blandness which I now find depressing.

I became a greedy little food obsessive. It is time to make a change.

I love what I eat and I love what I do, so how do I manage that? Jet lag is a frequent visitor too, and I know that doesn’t help. At its core, it is not just about how I look, or not being able to wear my lovely clothes. I feel unfit. I also feel more tired than I should.

The answer is simple really, I have to make time for exercise. If I eat intensively through recipe testing, reviewing and travel, I must exercise intensively too. I have said it in the (recent) past and failed, so I am making it public here. Care to join me in my quest? I can’t be alone in my mission.

It is time to get a personal trainer.

(I am slightly scared about it!)

I will update you here as I go. Enough! It is time to fix it. I have two favourite red vintage dresses that I aim to fit into. And when I do, I will know I have reached it.



Written by Niamh
Cooking and travelling, and sharing it all with you.