VIDEO: on Danish Channel TV2 at the Nordic Food Lab and Copenhagen Cooking

Feature on Danish National TV2 at Copenhagen Cooking – click to watch it

I have just spent a terrific weekend in Copenhagen for Copenhagen Cooking, an annual festival focussing on the best that Copenhagen has to offer. There are so many things to love about Denmark, one is that a food blogger in Copenhagen is a MADBLOGGER. For mad is Danish for food. Wonderful.

Out of the blue, I got a call from Danish national TV channel TV2 on Saturday, asking if I would film with them at the festival. It sounded fun so I said yes. But then I didn’t hear from them again. So, I forged on with plans dining at Silver Spoon Under the Sea on Saturday night, a fun and delicious guerilla dining event in the outskirts of Copenhagen at the fish market.

We had lots of fun and didn’t want the evening to end, so we went to a very-late-bar to end our evening. All I had to do the next day was go visit Torvehallerne food (or mad(!)) market, eat, enjoy & fly back home. So, no problem. Right? Just another side of Copenhagen to explore and enjoy.

But then, Danish channel TV2 called me again unexpectedly at 10am on Sunday and asked if I could still film at the Nordic Food Lab (where we would sample the innovations from René Redzepi’s lab)  and Nordic Taste (featuring food from Restaurants all over Denmark and Sweden).

So, I did.

I look fairly sleepy but otherwise it was a fun experience. As was Copenhagen Cooking.  Unfortunately I can’t embed the video but click on the picture above to be taken to it on the TV2 site. It is in Danish but my bits (obviously) are in English.

Also, it is now confirmed that it is impossible to look graceful eating on camera. But, what of it? Life is too short to worry about that now, isn’t it?

Lots more on Copenhagen Cooking and the Nordic Food Lab and Nordic Taste soon.

LINK: Feature on Denmark’s TV2 at Copenhagen Cooking last weekend: Niamh Shields: MADBLOGGER



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