We need to talk about Josper

Josper Oven

The Josper at Chapters

Josper! Whazzat? That’s how our conversation went yesterday afternoon, when the Josper (pronouced H-osper) was introduced to the conversation. I started to explain, retreated and promised that I would write about it today.

A Spanish super hot charcoal oven, only 9 restaurants in the UK have one, and happily, I am well acquainted with three: Hawksmoor, L’Anima & most recently Chapters.


Inside the Josper

You can see from the temperature dial at the top, how intensely hot these ovens get – up to 900 degrees. I stood next to one when the door was opened at 850 degrees, and the heat that erupted was so intense that I jumped backwards involunatarily. As you can see, I like to live on the smoky edge.

Clearly, this isn’t a normal oven, and the quality of the food produced from it is far from normal too. Such intense heat and the charcoal coals produce fantastic charred perfectly rare Longhorn steaks at Hawksmoor, tender and smoky mackerel and juicy steaks at Chapters and smoky and tender bright orange mussels at L’Anima. And that’s just the food that I have tried.


Josper Cooked Mackerel at Chapters


Josper Steak Selection at Chapters

At Chapters I tried Josper cooked Fillet, Rib eye, Hanger Steaks and Premium UK & USDA steaks on the bone. Quite the selection, and head chef Trevor Tobin, previously a consulant chef to popular London steak house Goodman when it was being setup, took much pleasure in showing us the steaks and Josper, explaining their providence and finally, allowing us to sample the wares.


Josper Cooked Steak Tasting menu at Chapters

So, there you go folks! Your new friend Josper. Treat yourself and go try the wares at Chapters, Hawksmoor, or L’Anima soon.

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Written by Niamh
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