We’re eating eurovision and I am Sweden

As part of a throughly fantastic and fun project – Eating Eurovision, I found myself at the BBC last night, with 20 + food bloggers and the online Eurovision people from the BBC, watching the Eurovision, drinking sparkling wine, and then choosing a country via a bag full of ping pong balls and… I AM SWEDEN!

Makes sense. I am tall, leggy and blonde after all, and I do sing beeeeautifully.

So… I would be most grateful for any of your tips on Swedish food and culture in London! Where are the best meatballs? What should I be drinking? Anything quirky I should know about?? Do I have any Swedish readers?! I want to hear from you!

It’s got to happen tonight to be blogged tomorrow.

More information here: http://eatingeurovision.wordpress.com/



Written by Niamh
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